Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One last piece of 2009

One last piece for 2009 (well, still in progress). I had a request to turn a '55 Pontiac into a gasser. Here it is. This seemed fitting as the Pontiac line sadly ended here in 2009. Lets not dwell on the sadness of loosing the Pontiac nameplate, but look forward to some more Pontiac inspired art to join the rank of topics of many fine artists. The Chief will always live on in our heart and art.

See you in 2010. Have a safe New Year and make your resolution to support the arts!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Motor City Motors (city motor city motor ∞)

Tonight Detroit embarks on it's own ghettowood stardom. At 10 pm on the discovery channel the premier episode will be on a Model T turned into a gasser.... doesn't sound that strange but I bet it makes for an ugly ass car! I suppose I'll have to tune in to watch.

I wonder where all the cast off parts went from that '26?

For those who don't have cable tv, I guess suck it!
or you can read about it here

When the Road Devil Episodes come up in January-Feb, I'll give you a second shout out about it.

Sneaky Muthatruckers!

I'm currently having an 'issue' with one printing company that I've recently been dealing with. While searching through their website looking to see who is in the wrong with my transaction, I came across this little tid-bit. Under "SALES TAX" they slip in that all materials that they print become their property and can be distributed to other parties despite what the second line about "will not be given to any other party"... This clearly contradicts 'given to' and 'distribute'

I hate the system of double talk and lawyer speak. Watch your asses... and also know that websites can change this info as fast as they can type it. Make sure to do screen captures of how this are written if you are ever in a problem area.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Tammy Tradewind

My cousins got together to commission a piece of art that is going to be used as a spare tire cover for my Uncles 1962 Airstream Tradewind, which he loving refers to as "Tammy"

They asked me to come up with some nose cone styled WW2 art for it and I jumped right in. Instead of bomb runs I decided to go with trailer runs, so there are tiny AirStreams painted back there. I can't wait to hear his response.

Sins of Speed™ coming 2010

Shirt #1 coming in 2010. Black and Wine color Tees!

Get ready!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas/Happy New Year

I'd like to take a minute to wish everyone a great holiday season. I'm wishing for world peace again this year, but I will probably just get a lump of coal again. It's kinda an odd experience going through this season with a little guy. Exciting too. Here at the Carter household we really don't go nuts around this time of year. We just try and stay mellow and not go into debt and enjoy togetherness with friends and family. To me that's a great Xmas. No eggnog, no chopped down trees, no stockings (other than on our feets), but the snow is here, but it looks like rain is in the forecast for Detroit on the 25th (which I'm fine with!)

Before the year is out I still gotta turn 35 years old. I remember thinking I was going to be over the hill by then when I was younger, so I guess I'm over the hill on the 29th. Go ahead, rub it in now. I did pick up the nickname "Grandpa" this year... but that's more of a reference of my taste in cars (I'm not into super extreme chops and slams and certainly not the Rat Rods)

Lastly, I gotta kiss '09 away soon after the birthday. It was weird getting used to saying "oh-one" or "oh nine"... what the hell are we gonna call next year? My vote is "twenty-ten" First person who says "oh-ten" gets a smack. But I'm looking forward to a lot of events in 2010. Autorama, Torque Fest, Sins of Steel, Hell on Wheels (if there is one) and Hunnert too. Plus I plan to have some new products out here soon! New patches and the launch of "Sins of Speed ™" line up! Twenty Ten here we come.

Happy Holidays in any which way you celebrate.
Cheers from the Motor City.
Keven+Wendy+Cass Victory of Car-N-Art

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Detroit Tin Patch :: Facebook love

Thanks Zac! Looks good on that jacket!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Detroit Tin Patch :: READY TO SHIP


You don't drive some fiberglass repop of the old thing right? Tell those trophy / trailer queens what you got there by showing this off on your geasey garage jacket or on your colors. This Car-N-Art designed 3" patch is fully embroidered and ready to be stitched. Here is you chance to grab one up for yourself no matter where you are in the world. Only $6 plus $1.50 shipped within USA. Orders outside the USA, please contact me for best rates on shipping.

Or send check or money order to:

Keven Carter PO BOX 172 Clawson MI 48017 United States

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ol' Skool Rodz #38 March '10/ Max Grundy Ad

At the News Stand:

Well, it's not everyday that you make an advertisement for another artist. On page 48 I did the ad for Max Grundy for Vintage Torque done in his sort of style. Is it a great feeling to do this? I suppose it's a big honor to have the ability to do so, I just wish I had the dough to advertise myself instead!
Here's another look at the ad, minus the DVD case. Too bad my cover didn't get ads like this one, but it all had to start somewhere right? So pats on my own back for that right? Oh wait, on page 7 there is an ad with my cover art on it!
On the cover I also noticed Justin's "golden shower" and an article written by his beautiful wife Ms. Metal. There is a shot of his tool chest with the sticker I did for them on it, but out of focus on page 15. These two are expecting parents and I expect to hear from them any minute now to find out the name of their boy!

Monday, December 14, 2009

PIT BULL t-shirt designs by Car-N-Art

I got word today that the first run of t-shirt designs I put together for are up for sale! Pit Bull makes products for Motorcycles: Stands, steering Stabilizers, Sprockets, and of course top quality apparel. Look how happy these two are to be wearing something Car-N-Art made! It's a three color design on the front and two on the back side. Stay tuned for other releases for Pit Bull soon.

If you want to grab one up for someone special this holiday season, you can head right here to buy one in your size!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Detroit Tin Patch :: DeLAY

Hey folks. I wanted to apologies for the delay in the "Original Detroit Tin" patches. The ship date was supposed to be December 7th, but in all likeliness it's going to closer to the 18th. All I can say is it's beyond my control and if I knew then what I know now, we wouldn't be in this "stitch-uation"

That was my poor attempt at a pun.

PRE ORDER your Original Detroit Tin Patch now, shipping on Dec. 18th.

You don't drive some fiberglass repop of the old thing right? Tell those trophy / trailer queens what you got there by showing this off on your geasey garage jacket or on your colors. This Car-N-Art designed 3" patch is fully embroidered and ready to be stitched. Here is you chance to grab one up for yourself no matter where you are in the world. Only $6 plus $1.50 shipped within USA. Orders outside the USA, please contact me for best rates on shipping.

Or send check or money order to:

Keven Carter PO BOX 172 Clawson MI 48017 United States

Monday, December 7, 2009

20 Questions from The ACME Speed Shop

Cynthia from the ACME Speed Shop sent out 20 questions to the participating artist of 2009. With only a few weeks left I finally got around to answering them. Life has been a little crazy and a little busy as well. Here's how it goes:

1. How long have you been doing art?

 I suppose the answer to that is I really don’t know for sure. I know that my parents put crayons and markers in my hands from the time I could close them around something. I know for sure that there was never less than a stack of paper in front of me so I could always have something to draw on. Was it all art? Hell no. It was a way to keep me out of trouble.

2. How did you first get started?

As I mentioned in Q1, I always had crayons, markers, paper and pencils around me to keep me occupied from the time I could close my hands. From there I suppose a lot of encouragement goes a long way too.

3. What was your first commercial job?

First commercial job, or first job I got paid doing? I illustrated a few books when I was in high school, but didn’t receive any pay for it. Later I went on to do some illustrations for local Detroit music zines. I think the first one officially I was paid to do was a corporate identity for a start up computer service company that no longer exists.

4. When did you first start referring to yourself as an artist?  

I still don’t refer to myself as “an artist”. I feel there is something pompous about the term that I can’t really get over.  As cliche as it is I feel like I should be wearing a beret and painting or something that you’d see in a cartoon. I refer to myself as a graphic designer, photographer, and the closest I get to that term I suppose would be “Artisan”... but I tend to just use the term Designer. Those two terms are a little less threatening and don’t have the same flaunting sound to them that “an Artist” seems to have. Maybe I need to get over that?

5. What was the first piece of work you sold and do you know where it is today? 

When I first started off in college I took a oil painting class and my teacher insisted that I put a bunch of my work in the student show. I really didn’t want to participate and I wasn’t ready to sell anything yet as it wasn’t up to my own standards. The instructor was persistent and I buckled to their requests. All of the work went to the show (not for sale). The show ended after a month and all of my pieces went “missing”. I left that school after that without even photos of my paintings and no money, but apparently they went to someone who really wanted them.

6. Is art your primary business or is there anything else that you do for living?  

Times are really tough right now I think the world over, let alone here in the Motor City! I will literally do just about anything to make some money for my Family. I worked part time in a Custom Car shop for a while and also made Carbon Fiber one off hoods for high end racing Mustangs. I like to work with my hands and I get a good feeling from a hard days work. Currently I’m also holding down the fort as Mr. Mom to our new son Cass Victory.

7. Are there any special works that you would like to share with our audience or perhaps some new ones that have not been published elsewhere?

Though I’m probably known better for photography and graphic design work, I love to paint, but I really tend to take my time on pieces, so there isn’t a massive collection of them. Painting take time to work on and it’s nothing that can be forced for me to work faster or harder. I just take my time and let them come along when I feel like it. I think that’s my favorite part about painting. I have a painting of a Cadillac that I’ve been working on for some time that isn’t finished. Maybe 2010 for the finished Cadillac painting.

8. What's your media of choice?

I dabble in a little of everything. I think media choice is a matter of what I’m creating. I will fully admit that I love the idea of being able to undo on the computer which has changed me forever now. I wish in many ways that I wasn’t exposed to computers for artistic purposes, but now it seems like it is a necessary evil in what I do commercially. 

9. What are some other tools/supplies/mediums that you primarily use for your work?

Pens, Pencils, Markers, straight edges, brushes, Rapidographs, Sharpies, My cameras, a crazy homemade Light table, 3M enlarger, I’ve used coffee mugs to get circles from.  I like making my own textures out of everything that I can use for final application on the computer to distress work. It’s a big combination of low tech and high tech ideas used together.

10. What, besides your art, brings you creative fulfillment?

I don’t tend to think of what I do as ‘art things’, and ‘non-art things’. I suppose playing music is probably the next best thing for creative fulfillment to art. I play some guitar, years ago I played in a few different bands. Over the summer I completely renovated my barn (the speed barn) and found that I also got the creative feeling that I get from my art pieces. Same with my ’49 Ford and my roadster project (the “Gow Cart” ’29 Roadster), they are incredibly fulfilling in the same way as my art, and equally frustrating too. All of these things I can stand back and admire them at the end of the day and feel good. Though my son is less than 6 months old, I know he will also provide me with creative fulfillment as well.

11. What are your motivations for creating?  

I would say my surroundings here in Detroit are enough motivation to create. So much is run down and destroyed; once beautiful buildings have been stripped and trashed and I feel I can feed off that as a motivation to stand up against that thought process as it’s so easy to destroy and very difficult to create. And probably much like when I was little, art has kept me out of trouble even as an adult.

12. How do you know when a piece you're working on is done?

I don’t! I have a good feeling when something is close, but refinement can go on forever. I try not to beat myself up over a piece and convince myself that my energy is better used in other ways. Sometimes it all comes together quickly, and other times I can wake up in the morning and not find any motivation to work on something, so it’s best to not force yourself I’ve found.

13. What are some of your artistic goals for the future?

Bigger pieces is one goal. I would like to focus more on painting large pieces and working in some new mediums. I would like to get back to doing more limited run Silkscreened posters (50 pieces only) I’d like to keep doing small runs and move on to the next piece rather then have stock in something for years to come. It helps me keep fresh and not grow tired of my own work. I’ve dreamt of doing a coffee table book of photos involved in the new generation of Hot Rods and Customs as well as the people who are making it happen. I have some ideas for apparel lines that I’m getting ready to launch.

14. What other artists or movements influence your work?

I’m highly influenced by the movements that came along with the Industrial revolution: Constructavist, Bauhaus, Art Deco and Pictorial Modernism is perhaps what I mimic the most in what I do, but trying to manipulate in a modern way. Artist that inspire me are A.M. Cassandre, El Lisssitzky, Alexander Rodchenko, and Herbert Matters. The one movement that I enjoyed the most was the Futurists who admired speed and machines, and if it weren’t for their equal admiration of death, war, and fascist views, I think they would have been the perfect art movement. I get super excited when clients come to me with requests for these styles of work. I feel like it’s my wheelhouse.

15. When you start a new model, no matter whether it is for work or your own personal portfolio, what are the first things you do?

Clean up! I know its more customary to clean the space when something is complete, but as in question 12, I don’t tend to know when projects are done, so I also don’t clean up! Sounds funny now that I think about it, but it makes sense to me now. 

16. I know it’s probably hard to pick, but do you have a favorite out of the work that you’ve done?

I often tire of my own work after its complete. I don’t marvel at the work that I have done, but rather the work I can do. Every once and awhile I will come across something that I did in the past and want to keep in my personal portfolio, but that’s seldom.

17. What kind of projects are you working on of your own right now?

My free time has pretty much gone to the wind for personal projects. I have some plans for painting projects. I want to paint my old  bullet riddled doors off my roadster in hopes to sell them for new doors. I also have a Taylor Tot from the late 30’s that I want to customize for my son, but I have a little time before he’s sitting upright to use it. I have still a lot of work to do on the interior of the Speed Barn, but I’m okay taking my time.

18. What advice would you give for artists who are just starting out?

To be a working artist, you need drive. You need to be constantly work ing on something all of the time. Constant practice helps a lot as well. School is up to the individual as far as if it will help you or not. There are plenty of people out there that never needed it, but even with lots of practice, it’s good to be exposed to other artists work and fellow students of art as well. I feel it was very beneficial to myself.

19. And lastly, a fun question! All artists have their quirks. Name one of yours.

It’s hard to identify your own quirks as they are idiosyncrasy all unto yourself. To me it’s all normal. My wife tells me that when I concentrate very hard on something I either bite my lip or stick my tongue out between my lips slightly. Is that weird?

Friday, December 4, 2009

More Auto than Art :: Gow Cart Support!

Coming up in a short while you too can show your support for the Gow Cart Project. The Gow Cart Patch is the one on top, the sticker is below. Lord knows I could use some help here! Just putting 2000+ miles on the truck, the gas alone was $300! So any help is appreciated. Stay tuned for the Patch launch, probably in time for Christmas.

There already are stickers for sale here:

$2 for a Gow Cart Sticker

Or send check or money order to:
Keven Carter PO BOX 172
Clawson MI 48017 United States