Friday, February 19, 2010

Torque Fest patches!

Working together with Ed Evans and John Wells to com up with some Torque Fest exclusives. These patches are for the elite who will be running on the dirt track. But the trick is you gott be there on the first of May. Torque Fest

La Segunda Barbacoa Anual de Matanza de Camino!

Thinking about warm weather and the smell of gas and BBQ mixed outside actually sounds refreshing! I got a new postcard invitation together for the Road Devils Detroit chapter second annual Road Kill BBQ. This will be an awesome time! It's by invite only so if you got one, make sure to write the email address to get the low down for the show down.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hunnert Car Heads-Up! Water Slide Decal Design

The Chrome Czars put on my favorite charity Mid West show, Hunnert Car Pile-up, hands down to date. So I'm thinking that the Hunnert Car Heads-up should also be very impressive! The Chrome Czars put word out that they were looking for a design for the water slide decals for participants who will be drag racing. Here's mine:

The prize pack alone pushed me to do lend a hand!
I wanted to use every bit of real estate on a square so I flipped it on end to make the most of it. I modeled the '38 Chevy Coupe loosely after "Outta Control" from Iowa with the same thought for wheels and tires.

I got to thinking about the tag line and as much as I wanted to put something like
"I blew your doors off" or "kickin' ass & shedin' shame" I think it's safe to say that when you race heads up there is a clear distinction between who won and lost. So I wanted to concentrate on not winning or loosing, but the thrill of the race. I think about what my heart must sound like before racing if I had a stethoscope and it would probably sound like a thumping of a husky Cam.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Torque Fest Poster/Ad #4

Last, but not least is Toque Fest poster #4. This one is for the 'celebrity cars" at the event.  

The Reverend Horton Heat's '50 Ford 'Big Blue Car', Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's 'Asphalt Angle' V6 Trike,  Voodoo Larry's 'Voodoo Psychosis' '31 Ford and lastly Hot Rod Chassis & Cycles built 'Tangerine Scream' '33 Ford Pick-up. These on top of the poster #2 with the Barris Cars and The Roswell Rod; it's shaping up to be one HELL OF A SHOW! This doesn't even include all the home built beauties, Bobbers, Choppers and Hot Rods ripping up the dirt track outside. Oh yeah, and the bands! Too much to even think about right now.

There is going to be a very limited run on all four posters for the show being sold together as a collectors edition 11"x 17" on card stock, all signed and numbered, but you may want to be there to get your copies on May 1st. Numbers are limited (somewhere between 50-100 prints only) So make your travel plans now to head out there. 

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