Saturday, June 26, 2010

Brand FRICKIN' NEW Stuff for Sale on!

It FINALLY happened! I caught up to speed on everything this week. This post is about all the new stuff that just popped up in the store of Car-N-Art! Here's a quick review:

Stickers: 4"x 4.5" Two colors! Your choice: $1!

The Speedy Stroller Baby Onesies! Available in 6M, 12M, 18M & 24M! $15!

"CRASH! #10 Helmet" Limited edition (100 prints) 2 Color Silkscreen (low numbers available folks) Signed and Numbered, and never to be reprinted- $20! (frame not included)

"CRASH" Red shirts. Two Colors available on Black and Cardinal Red. Metallic ink prints. Sizes S-XXL $20!

MINI Posters! Limited prints. 12" x 6" so it doesn't take up the whole dang wall! $10

That's it for now. So hurry on over to and head to the store for all the lil details.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Radius Nation :: Old School Identity

I got the esteemed pleasure to create an identity for Radius Nation. I also got a great chance to work on something that I love to do which is to create some old styled art to reflect the times and designs of the water slide styled art!

Bart puts on a lot of open wheeled classic meets and events so I drew up a midget racer and gave it that classic styling to it. I really dig!

Labold Classics :: Identity tune up

Tim Labold had a great idea for a business. To sell classic cars and Hotrods to people turn key. Some of the cars are on consignment and others are just from Tim's private collection. Some time back I was asked to help create an identity for Labold Classics showing off his 1957 Chevy as part of the design. As time marched on so did the Chevy to a new home and along came a '40 Ford and so the identity came to change as well.

Thomson MetalBreaking: Identity

After many variations of the design, I present to you Thomson Metalbreaking Inc identity. Dave is a true artist and focuses his skill set in many avenues of design from Motorcycles to Cars to BMX bikes to clocks, to sculpture and right down to hand painting.

Above are some of the touch points designed for Dave including the business cards, stickers and patches to come. Be looking for a Thomson Ad in DicE magazine down the road too!

Vintage Torque DVD Ad

I'm playing a little catch up here with some quick updates and posts. The first of which is an ad for Ol' Skool Rodz for a big deal on two event DVD's for one low cost. Check out the current issue for the big score. Even if you missed the event(s) you can feel the rumble right at home!

Also of note, I put together the art for the Torque Fest DVD cover and disk. From what I hear there is also a limited run sticker inside too.