Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Detroit - Las Vegas - Maquoketa, or bust!

I'm packing up now to head from Detroit to Las Vegas for Viva Las Vegas. No, sadly I'm not vending this time around. I'll be helping the massive undertaking that is putting on the Car Show at the event with the rest of my Road Devil brothers! I'm thinking of it as a working vacation so to speak. I'm happy I could help out. RDFL! If you see a Road Devils jacket with Detroit on the back, that's me. Say Hi.

Straight on from Viva, I'll be heading to Maquoketa, Iowa. What's in Iowa you ask? We'll Torque fest you silly bastards! Already 350 Customs and Hot Rods registered and one of the few shows in the USA that you can take your ride out on the dirt track for a few laps and put it to it! I'll be vending there with a few brand new items for sale and some of the old classics! Bring some cash 'cause that ATM is gonna empty out quick!

Enough typing. Time to get my ears lowered and on to the other 150 things I need to do! See ya soon?!