Sunday, July 26, 2009

Time to move on!


Ugh. if I haven't said it before, I will say it again: I hate web work and I'm really not all that good at it either. I wanted to change up my blog and migrate it away from myspace and work with Blogger so I have a bit more control over
what is happening in my web page and the overall look and appeal in the end. I'm hoping this is the fix for it!


The count down is on. What's that you may ask? Well, several things actually, but the biggest o

nes are the remodeling of my Barn (garage) and my newest member of the Carter Clan.
These actually go hand and hand as I need to make room in the house for the baby boy by cleaning out my offices at home and also that junk needs to go so
mewhere too! So for months on end I've been laboring (with help from friends and relatives, can't claim I'm the sole member of this effort)
to get my garage updated into a work space.

It's been a ton of work and going over time and fiscal budgets left and right. I was hoping to be done about a month ago, and well, I'm not. I will have some photos up here soon to show the progress,
but for now I will leave you with the concept detail. So far, so good, but the inside is where I'm basically at now.

On the other side of that ticking clock is my wife's belly! It's seems like it's ready to explode now with
my son to be on the inside ready to bust out. I'm really geeked about being a dad, but also wished I could stop the clock to save some time to finish the projects I have to do (as in the before mentioned barn).
We have some names picked out, but don't ask just yet because we're waiting until he pops out to make the choice and make it a little more formal of an announcement. Right now everything seems good for a nice healthy baby boy, and that is all that counts in my book!

What Else?

I've been taking on some jobs doing mostly Graphic Design work this summer
trying to make some cash for the down time after the baby is born. Photography hasn't been paying as a lot of magazines are getting killed off in this bad economy, which is super shitty for this shooter.
But, I suppose that's why I diversify my work so I too can be flexible when I need to be. I'm waiting to post up some photos I did for a magazine of the Packard Plant and also some of the Piquette Plant I shot more recently for some dough. I've rather enjoyed creeping around the old relics of these giants in the auto industry. I will share a graphic design job I did for Trucker mouth Clothing Co. recently.

I have some plans in the fall to return back to a teaching posistion at a local college to help me and my fam to have some "regular" income. More to come on that soon (hopefully!) Other than that, I should get out and enjoy the day. It's nice out there (what the hell am I doing inside freaking bloggin'?)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stand by for a test

This is a test of the non-emergency blogcast station. This is only a test.