Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Massive catch up!

2011 has been a crazy year already just 4 month in tomorrow! I know I'm usually better about updates on here, but I haven't found a minute to catch my breath from working and being a dad to make the time. Allow me a chance to play catch up in review since the beginning of the year.

Helping out my fellow Club brother Frank, I put together a design for his old 1959 Ford Pick-up doors. Designing was easy, but the application of painting two exact matching doors was a different feat.
The mock up:
The lettering was transferred to some over head projecter clear transfers then projected on the truck doors:
The end results after a quick scrub to age the one shot paintjob which took a few weekends to do it up:

Also for Autorama, the "artist alley" many of us put together a piece with the single topic of a model A FED called "Little Honker"
This is a quick shot of the finished product taken with the cell phone on a test print. There were 100 pieces made of this 12"x18" two color silkscreened poster. #1 was framed and custom painted by Little Mark of Sled Alley.
This is a quick shot of #1, matted and framed, ready for auction. It pulled in $185 for the leader dogs for the blind. I'm happy to help out.

There are some left over from the show so don't feel like you missed out by not hitting Autorama!

Quickly there after I put together Half Fast Chicago commissioned me to do an event poster for Burning Love #4, their anti valentines party.
It's single silver color ink on black french paper. It's currently on French's website in the sample room which to me is a honor to be listed there!

Also, you've got a chance to GRAB YOURS HERE
Motor Age Clothing Co. hit me up early in the year as well for some new shirt designs.
and #2
You can grab yours up at the MOTOR AGE website

Finishing up in 2011 for Vintage Torque Fest, I did this three poster collection for this years show:
This series is online and all signed. The original print series is only 50 pieces! You can grab yours up before the show

Also now online is last years 4 poster set. VERY LIMITED NUMBERS HERE!!!
Back in 2008 I worked on this little indy film called Deadheads which is finally blowing up. The trailer alone has 70,000 hits! It recently got into the Newport Beach film fest where I wish it much luck! I worked a lot with the promotions people on photography for this poster:
Much of my set photography has ended up around the net for the film as well including Fangoria's website article on Deadheads
In the midst of this time period of work, I also had a major set back in later January. If you are on my facebook fan page you probably caught me bitch'n about my Apple Monitor fail. Let me tell you it was the worst thing to happen to me in some time. But when the smoke cleared and all was said/done/installed/replaced/updated I got quite a nice replacement.
Right over my shoulder… it made me and my dog bomber here happy!
Lovepedal custom effects commissioned me to do some handcrafted box art for their product line up for retail.
the fun part about this has been all the positive feedback on facebook from the lovepedal fans. Some even just wanted to buy the boxes alone!
Rod & Custom Fabrication loved the Torquefest posters so much they wanted me to do a cross over / old timey logo brand for themselves.
This was the proof work and there are also business cards and a t-shirt design to boot.
Pit Bull Racing contacted me about putting together some long sleeve designs. We kicked around a few ideas and came up with these race inspired versions of their sponsored riders leathers:
They don't seem to be up online just yet, but I'm sure they will be soon!
Also work for Pit Bull I've done includes

Pit Bull Metal Sign - Vintage
T-shirt, 3-color, bike on front
Newlands Brewing Systems contacted me just before Autorama to put together an ad for a magazine on their brewing systems being made right here in Detroit! I was pumped to be part of their team and being able to bring my own art to their company look. I was also able to create some custom graphic for their display at the Craft Brewers Conference this last weekend in San Francisco
At Autorama I got a chance to meet a bunch of good folks both exhibiting and attending! I was happy to unveil some exclusive products to them which should follow up on the website in April:
flexfit ball cap with pinstripe devil
Devil pinstripe patches:
Car-N-Art spark plug patches:
and stealth:
As well over the weekend I had John Jackson from Not Stock Photography keeping my dogs and couch company. He shot this of me sunday morning. Man, everything looks really yellow
under those COBO lights!
Quickly coming out of Detroit Autorama I had a bunch of work to get back to! There is still elements of my display floating around in my truck.
Trophy Queen contacted me about doing an Americana/Evel Knievel design for a t-shirt:
I love her bags probably as much as the ladies do. I think I could pull off the diaper bag before getting suspect! :)
Not too long after I found myself helping out my pal Lauren from Street Rod Visions with a sticker /t-shirt design for a show (I think this weekend)
She asked me something stock and I just don't have any "stock" designs. I really only can do one off's for people. She wanted a 32 3-window and that's what she got!
Half Fast came back with their Spring/Summer/Fall bike night posters at the Orbit Room
A tiki inspired poster to polynesian perfection!
Finding myself now at the end of March and taxes creeping up my back, I also had to get back to Torque fest art for the registration card.
This is a great little 11x7 inch mini poster give away to all who are registering a bike or car for the show. Something to hang in the garage to remind you what a kick ass time you will have in 2012!
Lastly, on to my own stuff. Car-N-Art will have some new products shortly with a brand new poster series that will be highly collectable called "Arsenal of Design" 6 Poster series all sold as one (like the old Drive Wrench Repeat)

I can't show you all of it just yet, but it's brewing and you should see something for sale in Iowa at torque fest!

I can show you the shirt though:

Stay tuned to the FACEBOOK fan page for faster updates!
Well crap! that's about it for now. Hopefully I can update more than once a quarter with work on here!!! Really sad overall. New stuff in the works for future shows, a new website within the year, and hopefully some national ink on the art. Thanks for reading if you made it this far!