Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Iron Invasion podcast interview with Car-N-Art

I'll keep it short because I can be long winded at times… I had a chance to sit down and do a rare interview with Tiny, from Tiny's Kustoms, Driven Kustom Culture and Friction in the Static radio show about the Iron Invasion. I spent some time reminiscing about the Hunnert Car Pile-up and explain what you can expect above and beyond that experience with the Iron Invasion. I loved being able to chat with an audience that already understands what to expect from most shows so I didn't have to explain all the normal parts to expect at these types of shows. It's all in my own words, no scripts, not over produced just all the good nitty-gritty on the show.

The interview begins about 23 minutes into the show, but you should definitely listen to the whole show and the segment on E-15

If you are on the fence of going, I hope you'll listen and hear the whole idea behind Iron Invasion and why this show will be a fun and unique experience vs what you may already know about Car/Kustom/Hot Rod/ Culture events.

It's episode #136


Thanks again, Tiny for the opportunity!