Monday, August 15, 2011

What's been up, what's coming up!

I often find myself forgetting to update stuff like this. I'll wake early and think about it and a couple of hours later forget to do it! I know no why my parents always seemed forgetful; cause having kids wipes you out!

This summer has been filled with work and wrenching. I've cut down on the number of shows to attend this year, partially to the cost of gas and partially to spending time with my wife & son. On the upcoming shows list I will be attending the following for sure:
This weekend, Saturday, August 20 · 9:00am - 6:00pm: Relix Riot at the Gilmore Museum Hickory Corners, MI. Check out the Gilmore Museum website.
Next weekend, Friday, August 26 at 3:00pm - August 28 at 5:00am: FINAL W.A.R. Hot Rod and Art Show 2011 Weil am Rhein, Germany. Website That's right people, Car-N-Art goes Euro-trash!

Right after Final War, I'll be headed to London to take part in the Riots… outside of Fright Fest film festival where I'll be to support my movie Deadheads!

I think I'll lie low again until October where I'll resume some shows where you can grab up
some stuff or just drop by and chat. Considering The Rumblers show and HCPU #10 and last one…. Sad, but true.

Recent work includes:

Studio 13:

New England Speed & Custom:
Truckermouth 10' Banner:
Kustomrama Badge/Shield:
Vintage Torque #6 DVD cover art:
Devil's Hand production business card and logo:

Check out this great little video about the Hot Rod with No Name:

The Hot Rod With No Name - Logo Design from Jody Peterson on Vimeo. Be on the lookout for support shirts here soon!

Speaking of shirts, the ACME speed shop just started running my signature shirt for them. ACME Special or "Flying wheel"

I seriously reconsidered giving away this design, even for money. I love it and want to do more like it. I'm even ordering another one because I want it in my closet and it has zero to do with the fact that my names on it.

That's about all for now. Back to the barn for some body work on the Gow Cart '29 Roadster.

See you soon!