Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jak Prints pimps my old posters

My original set of 'DRIVE WRENCH REPEAT' got a little press from the company that printed them. Notice the very small 'DRIVE" poster.

I wonder if they'll give me a discount next time? Doubt it.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


"Finally" you say to yourself! "I was wondering when I could get my hands on a CAR-N-ART shirt". Well friends, the wait is over! SPEED BARN: where Speed is born and Style is perfected! This two color design (red and natrual white) commemorates the building of my home studio/speed shop! Sizes available from Medium to XL only and limited quantities too! 100% preshrunk cotton shirts. $20 plus $5 to get shipped anywhere in the USA. Orders outside the USA,

Hit my Frickin' Store to snag yours today. And I wasn't shittin' about the limited quantities!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1950 Buick Special Jetback Sedanette for SALE

1950 Buick Special Jetback Sedanette. $3,000.00. Warren (Detroit Metro), MI. This is a project car. It is a very desirable fastback body. I bought this car basically as it sits 8 years ago with the plans to make it a traditional 50’s custom. Sometimes life gets in the way so now I am offering this car up for someone else to enjoy. The car was disassembled when I purchased it and obviously does NOT run. The front fenders, rear quarter panels and deck lid have been stripped but now have surface rust as you can see. The owner that I purchased this car from had started filling in the trim holes on the fenders and quarters. The steel on this car is very solid with the exception of the floorboards. It looks like they have been patched but there are no huge gaping holes that I can see. The glass has been removed and some of the side glass is cracked but it is flat glass that can be purchased. The windshield and rear glass are the originals and are still useable. The engine is a straight eight with a manual transmission but there are parts missing from the engine. There is no intake/exhaust manifold, distributor or starter and also no generator. The interior is disassembled. The dash has been removed and disassembled and the interior trim pieces have been stripped. The seats are basically just springs but they can be redone. All of the gauges and bumper parts and fasteners that came with the car are in the trunk. This is definitely a project vehicle but not in the sense of major rust repair, just in the work involved to reassemble the car. But if you are looking for a great car to paint and put back together, half of the work has already been done for you. You will definitely need a trailer or a flatbed car hauler to get this home. I would not trust a 2-wheeled car dolly for transport.

This is a very desirable fastback body style and would be perfect for someone looking to do a restoration or a custom car with a different drivetrain. These cars look really great chopped if you have the skills or the money to do that.

Please call with any questions. Call Steve at 586-292-3318. It is best to call first as it may take a day or two to respond to an email. I will do my best to answer any inquiries.

Thanks and please call Steve at 586-292-3318.

Take a look at the full web gallery to view all photos of the car for sale

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Friday, September 18, 2009

Bigger poster :: torque Fest

Vintage Torque Fest poster art

Mark your calendars now for May 1st, 2010 for Torque Fest! I just finished up the posters and postcard art last night:

Poster: 11x17 inch
Postcards: 4x6 inch

If you are planning on coming out the Hunnert Car Pile-up, you can grab one for yourself!

For more information, head to