Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Two American Icons get in bed together, now its up to you to turn them on

As a few of you may know, I got a chance to work with Harley-Davidson a a few projects  at the ass end of 2012. Most of them are still double top secret, but this one just got fully unveiled. As a Detroit artist I was invited exclusively to work on a brand merger between Kid Rock and Harley-Davidson for the new Rebel Soul tour art. At the point where I entered the gig, there was no deal set in stone and the art for the tour was going to make it live or die. So, hey Kev, no pressure, man... Right?!

Over the course of the Thanksgiving holiday week I was tasked to come up with concept art for the project. In 6 days I generated 22-24 pieces of art (you can never call me lazy) but the one you see Bob wearing here was the first idea and my favorite one of them all, too, so I’m glad we think alike. I wanted to do a sort of interpretation of the “Deaths Head” design from -you-know-who- but more modern and from the front.  I incorporated what I thought Bob’s hair might do riding down the road. Of course there was the aspect of Americana that had to be in there from both parties, but I just couldn’t bring myself to doing yet another bald eagle!

The stress really started to overcoming me within a few days... this wasn’t just a logo here, or show flyer there; It was a chance to try and do something great and bust out of some obscure structure that I’ve placed myself in. I pulled 12-15 hour days, including all of Thanksgiving to get the work load done to my liking. At the point where I sent it off I was a wreck. I really hopped that I just didn’t kill some major deal for folks and in turn commit artist suicide by not being up to snuff. It was time have a drink to settle my nerves.

It was worth every minute I put in to have them come back to me with nothing to change. A tag line was added by Kid Rock to the bottom of the art, but overall, it is how you see it.  Both American Super Powers were happy with the art I made and that made me grin!

Now, as many of you could probably guess, this isn’t going to gain me much in the way of personal notoriety; I was the hired gun to make both parties happy. You won’t see my name on this, nor will I guess I’ll ever get a shout out from Harley-Davidson, nor Kid Rock anywhere. So needless to say, I kinda have to toot my own horn if anyone ever wants to know “who did that?” 

At least you can say “I know who did that, and he’s a pretty okay-ish kinda fellow”

From Kid Rock's Website: 
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January 28, 2013
In its most thrilling and globally epic anniversary celebration to date, Harley-Davidson today announced an exclusive partnership with legendary musician and ‘American Badass’ Kid Rock, including a Saturday night performance for the company’s 110th Anniversary celebration in Milwaukee over this Labor Day weekend.

The first-of-its-kind partnership brings together two legendary American rebels and names Harley-Davidson as a title sponsor of Kid Rock’s Rebel Soul tour, which kicks off Feb. 2, 2013, in Kansas City. Harley-Davidson plans to offer fans unique experiences at each of the 60 planned stops during the Rebel Soul tour. The tour sponsorship is just one aspect of the overarching relationship, which will extend from concerts to retail promotions.

“What’s not to love about Harley?” said Kid Rock. “They are the backbone of American culture, the flagship American brand. I am honored and excited to partner with this legendary icon that has helped to define American freedom at home and abroad. In 110 years no one has done a better job of representing America – there is NOTHING that screams America like Harley-Davidson.”

A unique element of the partnership is an exclusive line of limited-edition, co-branded Rebel Soul merchandise featuring a line coined by Kid Rock: “I can’t hear you over the rumble of my freedom.” Fans will be able to purchase concert-specific merchandise at each show, as well as an exclusive line of merchandise at participating Harley-Davidson dealerships across the U.S. This is the first time either brand has offered such an extensive line of co-branded merchandise.

“Kid Rock puts on a great show and embodies a lot of what Harley-Davidson and our fans stand for – freedom, independence, self-expression and the rebel spirit,” said Harley-Davidson Chief Marketing Officer Mark-Hans Richer. “We’re excited to take an unprecedented ride with him during the Rebel Soul tour.”


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