Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ol' Skool Rodz #38 March '10/ Max Grundy Ad

At the News Stand:

Well, it's not everyday that you make an advertisement for another artist. On page 48 I did the ad for Max Grundy for Vintage Torque done in his sort of style. Is it a great feeling to do this? I suppose it's a big honor to have the ability to do so, I just wish I had the dough to advertise myself instead!
Here's another look at the ad, minus the DVD case. Too bad my cover didn't get ads like this one, but it all had to start somewhere right? So pats on my own back for that right? Oh wait, on page 7 there is an ad with my cover art on it!
On the cover I also noticed Justin's "golden shower" and an article written by his beautiful wife Ms. Metal. There is a shot of his tool chest with the sticker I did for them on it, but out of focus on page 15. These two are expecting parents and I expect to hear from them any minute now to find out the name of their boy!

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