Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas/Happy New Year

I'd like to take a minute to wish everyone a great holiday season. I'm wishing for world peace again this year, but I will probably just get a lump of coal again. It's kinda an odd experience going through this season with a little guy. Exciting too. Here at the Carter household we really don't go nuts around this time of year. We just try and stay mellow and not go into debt and enjoy togetherness with friends and family. To me that's a great Xmas. No eggnog, no chopped down trees, no stockings (other than on our feets), but the snow is here, but it looks like rain is in the forecast for Detroit on the 25th (which I'm fine with!)

Before the year is out I still gotta turn 35 years old. I remember thinking I was going to be over the hill by then when I was younger, so I guess I'm over the hill on the 29th. Go ahead, rub it in now. I did pick up the nickname "Grandpa" this year... but that's more of a reference of my taste in cars (I'm not into super extreme chops and slams and certainly not the Rat Rods)

Lastly, I gotta kiss '09 away soon after the birthday. It was weird getting used to saying "oh-one" or "oh nine"... what the hell are we gonna call next year? My vote is "twenty-ten" First person who says "oh-ten" gets a smack. But I'm looking forward to a lot of events in 2010. Autorama, Torque Fest, Sins of Steel, Hell on Wheels (if there is one) and Hunnert too. Plus I plan to have some new products out here soon! New patches and the launch of "Sins of Speed ™" line up! Twenty Ten here we come.

Happy Holidays in any which way you celebrate.
Cheers from the Motor City.
Keven+Wendy+Cass Victory of Car-N-Art

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