Friday, August 21, 2009

Time to Change that Wallpaper/Background!

With the baby on the way any minute now (5 days from the projected due date) I haven't had a ton of time to devote to art being a good hubby and future dad helping the Mrs and around the house, but I was playing a bit when my wife was sleeping soundly (actually, snoring like a chain saw) I was inspired by the old Hellings Co logo with the fella with the race helmet and huge 'tashe to do something for my chapter of the Road Devils using some recycled elements:

I turned this into a wallpaper for the 'puter that looks like this:

If you want to change your background because you've been staring at that same old pic, you can download a copy for yourself: DOWNLOAD FOR standard monitors 1920 x 960 or DOWNLOAD for WIDESCREEN MONITORS 1680 x 1050


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