Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Stork flies low this morning!

It's 4:24 in the a.m. and I'm trying to recall the last time I woke this early for anything other than a plane ride out of Detroit. I like to get up early, but this is ridiculous for sure, even for me! Why the hell am I up at 4:24 am you ask?! Well, if you can't figure out from the title and the picture to the left, we're finally having our baby!
Yesterday, we had our week 40 meeting with the Doctors and had some interesting news come up. The baby bump was measured normal at 39 inches and height and weight of mom was normal. Wendy was dilated 1 cm and the doc felt "the head". We were excited to hear we were on the way to having this baby! After the physical exam we were placed on a fetal heart monitor for 1 hour to insure that baby was healthy and strong which proved positive for one hour straight. our Son's heart is like a perfect lil' freight train. The last step was a last minute ultrasound to measure the amount of amniotic fluid which surrounds the baby to insure that he's in good shape for coming out smoothly.

The Fluid is measured by the amount of open space around the baby which they calculate in cm. Anything 5 cm and below is cause for concern. We measured at 6.5 cm which was still on the low side, but normal. But the real concern came from what the Doctors had been wrong about the whole time in the last month that the baby is not head down (which is the position needed for a natural birth) but rather head up. I guess our Doctors don't know an ass from a head. :P

After about 37-38 week the babies position is not likely to change, so our plans to have a 100% natural birth without drugs or interventions fell apart on us. We're a little saddened by this with such hopes of being about to bring our child into this world drug free and fed very healthy for 10 months now on purely a vegetarian diet, without any complications and perfectly normal measurements all the way around. (Don't EVER let a Doctor tell you that you can't sustain life without meat!)

So, under our Doctor's advice, we'll be delivering via cesarian section this morning, scheduled at 7:30 am. We have to arrive at the hospital 2 hours prior for preparation of the surgery. It's a little anticlimactic in the sense that I've hoped to bring every one of my friends up to date, minute by minute as our son arrives. Now you all know. No surprises here. At 8 a.m. I'll be a dad.

Months of preparation have been spent on our end learning techniques in breathing, hypno birthing, trigger point pressure relief, researching soothing music for the room, birthing balls, alternative birthing documentaries, and Lamaze techniques, just to end up a by-stander in the birthing process. Frankly, I'm a bit sad here about it (as is Wendy), but I know that my sadness will turn to joy as soon as I hear him cry out for the first time.

Keven + Wendy.

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