Monday, November 28, 2011


Also for cyber Monday I'm launching some new products on a very limited basis. I've been constructing some lighting to use for future shows and offering them as of right now on Etsy. Take a look at some of these lamps!

An illuminated celebration of the Machine Age in a time of hybrid vehicles, these two lamps have been hand crafted and turned electric for your home or shop lighting. Each lamp has been cleaned, media blasted, acid etched and clear coated to give the appearance of a well oiled carburetor. The 6' cords are cloth covered, two wire (no ground) that end in a vintage styled plug. Each lamp can be switched on an off with a hidden pull chain in the choke hole. Each lamp comes with a 30 watt Edison style bulb to give a warm, vintage glow to your space. Many of the original fasteners have been cleaned and returned to the lamps for esthetics.

The Listings:

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