Friday, October 22, 2010

Manifolds on Main

I was approached to do a more "classic" design (by classic I mean an approach you've seen before) There are a lot of old water slide decals out there of "powered by plymouth, ford, chevy, mopar, etc." This was my own skew on the same old wheel and tire for Manifolds on Main in Irving Texas. The coolest part about this is, not only was it used on an event shirt, but also as the participant award.
(not the best photo in the world of it here)
The design was given to a jeweler to create a 1.75" wheel with a bronze base for all who participated in the event. I don't have to often think in 3D any more with my work, but this one I did again (funny how out of practice I've become!) Here is the breakdown of how the layers worked out that was sent along to be machined out.
At any rate, I'm stoked! I love to see this stuff jump off the screen and become a physical object. My work takes on a whole new meaning when it becomes a product to me. I love to see designs pan out.

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