Saturday, June 26, 2010

Brand FRICKIN' NEW Stuff for Sale on!

It FINALLY happened! I caught up to speed on everything this week. This post is about all the new stuff that just popped up in the store of Car-N-Art! Here's a quick review:

Stickers: 4"x 4.5" Two colors! Your choice: $1!

The Speedy Stroller Baby Onesies! Available in 6M, 12M, 18M & 24M! $15!

"CRASH! #10 Helmet" Limited edition (100 prints) 2 Color Silkscreen (low numbers available folks) Signed and Numbered, and never to be reprinted- $20! (frame not included)

"CRASH" Red shirts. Two Colors available on Black and Cardinal Red. Metallic ink prints. Sizes S-XXL $20!

MINI Posters! Limited prints. 12" x 6" so it doesn't take up the whole dang wall! $10

That's it for now. So hurry on over to and head to the store for all the lil details.

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