Thursday, May 6, 2010

Catch Up!

It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks for me with little time to sit down and type anything out. Last week you saw BugSpray for my buddy Junebugs custom paint service and before that I put up some photos I took of the exotic super car GTX-1 Ford GT conversion that was done by my buddy Kip Ewing.
A few weeks back I showed you the sneak peak at the EXTEND-O-MATIC. Well, I just got mine in hand and let me tell you, the prints are fantastic! You can grab yours up from

The Detroit Road Devils Support shirts are selling great too! We're already on our second run of shirts which sadly will probably be the last of this design. So if you liked the look of the support shirt, make sure you write to for info.
Torque Fest was this last weekend and a good time was had by all! Lots of great venders and folks who are all looking forward to next years event. Lots of my art work went into the advertising of the Torque Fest. The show posters that you may have seen in magazine and on flyers were being sold in an exclusive set of four 11"x17" posters in a collectors binder. All signed and number for $35. I still have some of these for sale so I'll be updating my website in the near future!
Also on that very same topic if you grabbed a copy of DicE Magazine #31, on page 31, you can see my 'Motor psycho" poster art advertising the show. I got a lot of great feedback at the show from kind folks who came up to tell me how much they loved seeing it. I also was the high bidder on the 7' version of it used to advertise the show!
Additionally, the Vintage Torque Bobber shirt was for sale in charcoal with discharge ink. I had to pick one of those up as well. I'm not exactly sure where to find them for sale online, but perhaps John has them at a show near you.

What Else? enough talking about what's already gone down, let's look at what's coming up! That being SINS OF STEEL Hot Rod and Custom show! Outside of just being excited for a first EVER 'no rat rods' show (thank you jesus!) I also got some opportunities to help out with the show. Photographing Brandon's built '50 Ford is always a pleasure to do which is being used in the advertising of the show, but I also got the chance to design one of the show shirts as well.

What else? Man, there is a lot more in the works. A few new identities in the works for businesses and car shows alike. The Big Red Rocket from France is about ready to release their album which I did the art one finally. I can't seem to find the time to update enough to keep you all posted. I'll be in California this weekend so over and out for now and see you at Sins of Steel if not before.

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