Friday, April 2, 2010

The Berkley Chop Shops new Identity

Jason (aka Jay-bone) from the Chop Shop gave me a ring a few weeks back asking for some new business cards and I was just ready to place the order when I got the hook. "I want to update the look with the new cards" he said to me. So I got back to work stripping down the old logo to it's bare bones. Knowing that the type was going to remain the same I just wanted to get rid of the extra elements that were confusing the look of it. Bye bye rocket and pinwheel behind it.

The biggest part of the logo I struggled with was the shape that the text sat on. The original design that Jason was using was a knock off of the "Cars" logo from the movie. It resembled a 50's car badging which was cool, but how does it apply to haircuts?! From that logo I devised one that used the scissors as the V shape in the V8, but he also wanted a barber pole, a rocket, a crown, and a kitchen sink in the design. I talked him out of the kitchen sink after all and the last version of the logo was born in 2006.

So I got it down to basics and managed to fashion the badge shape into a comb which helped me a lot with it visually. I also hate tacking in extra elements for the sake of putting something there. Jason did want the crown in, so it's in the middle of the scissors now. Overall, it cleaned up nicely, like a nice hair cut to a logo revision should.

Speaking of revisions... After the smoke cleared on the Hunnert Heads-Up I found my design on the side of the road with the tires missing. Nah, the Chrome Czars went with someone elses logo, which is fine, but I sure could have used those header flanges for the Gow Cart! But the design lives on. I actually got two different offers for the design after I initially posted it and with a first come, first served attitude, I pasted the design along to John who wants to create stickers and t-shirts from it. Vintage Torque will be dawning this design now. Thanks John!

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  1. Well done kevdawg. The comb/badge combo is brilliant.