Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hunnert Car Heads-Up! Water Slide Decal Design

The Chrome Czars put on my favorite charity Mid West show, Hunnert Car Pile-up, hands down to date. So I'm thinking that the Hunnert Car Heads-up should also be very impressive! The Chrome Czars put word out that they were looking for a design for the water slide decals for participants who will be drag racing. Here's mine:

The prize pack alone pushed me to do lend a hand!
I wanted to use every bit of real estate on a square so I flipped it on end to make the most of it. I modeled the '38 Chevy Coupe loosely after "Outta Control" from Iowa with the same thought for wheels and tires.

I got to thinking about the tag line and as much as I wanted to put something like
"I blew your doors off" or "kickin' ass & shedin' shame" I think it's safe to say that when you race heads up there is a clear distinction between who won and lost. So I wanted to concentrate on not winning or loosing, but the thrill of the race. I think about what my heart must sound like before racing if I had a stethoscope and it would probably sound like a thumping of a husky Cam.

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