Friday, January 15, 2010

My '49 Ford in Switzerland? Sin of Steel? Stickers!?


my friend Nico tipped me off to my '49 Ford being in an online Swiss 'zine. I have no idea what it says though...
Here is the link if you can help me out?

Next Up I wanted to give a shout out to the Best thing that's happening in 2010 in the Motor City this summer. Sins of Steel (has a nice ring? wonder where the influence of the name came from hmmmmm......) Not to be confused with the new T-shirts (actually, kinda a funny story that came from this... actually, not really that funny.) The Road Devils Detroit are helping out with this and the photo of Brandon's car probably looks a little familiar from an earlier posting? Anyway, this show has the Car-N-Art seal of approval and you know I'll be there. It promises to be everything that the Old Billetproof was, but won't be any longer under the new management and location. This is classic hardcore hillbilly the way it was intended to be, not some quaint bar crawl in the historic part of Ypsi.

Burn out contest, CHECK!
Live bands, CHECK!
Model Contest, CHECK!
Pin Stripe Jam, CHECK!
Bad Ass Hand Made Trophies, CHECK CHECK!
there is also rumors of a Pin Up Contest Ladies! Stay tuned to SINS OF STEEL dot com

Lastly, Just got my Car-N-Art Support stickers today and I'm thrilled with the quality!
These are 4" x 4.5" in size. Two color in either Black and Silver - Brown and Khaki.
People who order posters will find them in the tube, so that's the best place to get one now.

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