Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sins of Speed™ update

A bunch of badassness coming from Car-N-Art

I've got another patch design that I'm working with from an old patch that my buddy Ed sent along.

The original patch just had a skull and crossbones wearing a helmet that had "REPENT" written on it. I couldn't exactly make heads or tails of exactly how it was meant to be read, so I developed the line: "never repent for the sins of speed; only for what is failed to achieve". I liked the idea of "Sins of Speed" so much I started to play with the idea a little more:

I'm currently so damn excited about this it's kept me up and working away on t-shirt designs. Here is one of them I did. In total there are already 4 concepts going:

You can get your first piece of art for your computer background/wallpaper.
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Stay Tuned!

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