Monday, October 12, 2009

600+ miles

I had no idea what it was going to be like driving 8 hours in the rain at highway speeds in the old Ford. I found out quickly the limitations and a whole set of new issues with the car. The windshield cracked on me right before heading out the door. The I noticed a leak in the rubber surround which left my foot soaked for the whole trip. I lost a beauty ring while cornering onto the highway and nearly missing a semi truck. I broke a lake pipe mount and lost something from the underside of the car as I was nearing home as it was skipping down the freeway shooting sparks.

All in all, outside of the freezing temps at this years Hunnert Car Pile-Up, it was a fun trip for all of us. I didn't go to be a vender, just a spectator this time. I kinda needed the vacation to say the least. Now, it's back to work.

Speaking of work, I wanted to shoot a note to tell everyone that the ACME Speed Shop is now open for business online. You can pick up one of my ACME "Bomb Shop" logo shirts (as seen on the young gent below) from them! The back design of the 36 Ford 3-window will be a later release.

ACME SPEED SHOP was born from my passion for hot rods, customs & automotive art.

We have a small area tucked away in the back corner of our sign shop where we work on our cars. We’re by no means professional builders; just do what we can, with the time, tools and experience we have. Although we have a few nice cars between us, it has always been “just for fun”.

Starting a company based on automotive inspired clothing and art was not what we set out to do. We just wanted a couple of cool t-shirts for us and some friends. Somewhere along the way the idea to make a simple shop t-shirt grew into what is now Acme Speed Shop.

We will be featuring the art of many well known artists on our custom designed clothing. New designs will be added often and we have a lot more up our sleeves (pun intended). Please read the bios of the artists and check out their websites too.

BUY ART. It’s good for you.

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